Friday, March 9, 2007

1971 Census Family Income at CD


A student here is looking for something which I thought would be realtively easy to find, "1971 Census of Canada Data at the Census Division level for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta - Family Income". We have been able to find information on income for "Household Head", but not for "Family Income" and not at this level of geography. Am I missing something, or is that just what they collected back then?


a) For 1971, there were more tabes released based on Household Head. There was a basic summary table produced called income by economic families at EA level. You would have to aggregate to the CD level and because of the data was produced for EA, the only information is the aggregate and average income.

b) Census of Canada, 1971 volume 2 part 2: families (Bulletin 2.2-12)(STC cat no. 93-724) contains Table 85: "Families by 1970 income groups for census divisions, 1971" (pages 86-5 to 86-6) - which is a table of numbers of census families by 11 categories of income, plus average income by census division.

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