Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Financial Performance Indicators


The asset range on the Financial Performance Indicators CD ROM is given as A, B, C and D. I cannot find the dollar equivalent for these ranges on the StatCan Web site. Can anyone tell me what the ranges for each letter are please?


I did some digging in a related publication (Quarterly financial statistics for enterprises) and they used the A,B,C,D codes as coefficients of varation and it was displayed as a superscript note for some data items. See their explanation pasted below.

Coefficients of variation
A excellent (CV range is 0.00% to 4.99%)
B very good (CV range is 5.00% to 9.99%)
C good (CV range is 10.00% to 14.99%)
D acceptable (CV range is 15.00% to 24.99%)

The standard error as a percentage of the estimate is called the coefficient of variation (CV), or the relative standard error. Small CVs are desirable, since the smaller the CV, the smaller the sampling variability relative to the estimate.

The sample for the Quarterly Survey of Financial Statistics for Enterprises was drawn such that the CV at the Level III (67 categories) aggregation, should be no more than 10% for operating revenue or total assets. The CV indicators are shown next to these variables in the tables according to the scale presented on page 2.

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