Monday, December 5, 2005

1991 Census -- Basic Summary Tabulation for Religion at CSD level


A researcher at Concordia is looking for CSD-level data on religion in the 1991 Census. He is not too keen on the PUMF as it is only a small sample (3%) of the population enumerated.

It seems like this BST would be ideal: Population by Religion (29), Showing Age Groups (13b) (file name: but I cannot find the record layout anywhere and, as a matter of fact, the table is not even mentioned in the data documentation that I found on the FTP site. The file does exist, I even downloaded it on my computer!

So what am I missing? Is there any documentation and more importantly a record layout for this file? Or would there be be an alternative for getting the complete data for religion at the CSD level?

It can be found at I believe your table is the last one listed on that page. A link to the record layout is provided.

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