Thursday, December 1, 2005

UK Population Data


A student is looking for population quarterly data for the last 10 years in UK. Where can I find it?


Experimental quarterly population estimates, follow the links from:

Population Trends - Online from Winter 1997, it can be seen at: .
(For the years prior to that, our users can use the University of Waterloo's holdings [UK1OC P66], at their library from 1975 to 2003.)

Health Statistics Quarterly
Also gives quarterly figures. If you look at the Vital Statistics Summary in these, you can get quarterly reports of live births. Population by year is also provided.

Monthly Digest of Statistics can help, too, by giving the monthly population.

Excel verions of T 01 Quarterly Population Estimates for England and Wales by quinary age groups and sex Sept '03 - Sept '05 (experimental)

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