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Recent Surveys Similar to NLSCY?

October 30, 2020


I have a researcher looking for information on childhood development and well-being. They have used the National Longitudinal Study of Children and Youth but they would like to know if there is anything that is similar but more recent. Is there anything else I can suggest they look at?


I’ve received the following information from subject matter (two separate responses below):


1.       “Unfortunately, we do not have any longitudinal survey on children anymore, however, we have a brand new survey that was released in July entitled: Canadian Health Survey on Children and Youth that can be accessed by selecting this table. There is not a lot of data in it because it is brand new, but that is the best data we can provide to assist the client.”


2.       “This would really depend on a number of factors for your client/researcher… For a longitudinal survey, unfortunately this was our more recent initiative that focused on children and their development/well-being.


The only other initiative within our division that touched on these topics would be: Ontario Child Health Study. But its focus was primarily on Health and was limited to Ontario children…


Additionally, we did conduct a RapidStats survey in 2019 called Survey on Early Learning and Child Care Arrangements, but this initiative was more focused on Child Care Arrangements…”


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