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Family and Intimate Partner Violence

October 21, 2020


I'm starting to get a number of requests for data on family violence and intimate partner violence--students are wanting to analyze upticks in violence with specific events.

Aside from the UCR, where else can I obtain data that covers a significant span (more than 10) of years and is current beyond 2015?


At the moment the only thing we could track down are the following 2017, 2018 and same-sex IPV reports:


Subject matter is working on updating the 2019 UCR data as well.

Subsequent Question

Thanks! I had seen those. We're looking for numbers of incidences of assault which could be described as domestic violence in aggregate on a daily basis. When the UCR is updated, will it be more detailed? And when do you think this will be available?


From what I understand, the UCR will be more detailed. It sounds as if they are currently working on the file so I suspect it’ll be a matter of months until release (of course with the way things are going this year that timeline could change!).

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