Monday, March 15, 2021

From Queen's University Library: Exploring CIHI's Information Resources

November 25, 2020

Please check out Exploring CIHI’s Information Resources by Queen’s University’s Graeme Campbell (Government Information Librarian) and Alexandra Cooper (Data Services Coordinator).

Campbell and Cooper created the guide in response to reference questions they had about finding open data sources at CIHI and how to access data that is restricted. They contacted CIHI with a number of questions, and this guide is based on the responses that were received.

They note that it is not comprehensive, but should be able to get users started in finding CIHI resources. For some reference questions, they referred users directly to CIHI; they received the help they needed and occasionally were given tables for free that contained the data they needed. Cooper notes: the guide has CC BY-NC license so feel free to link to it or borrow information from it.

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