Friday, January 25, 2019

Ontario Election Data: 1995 & 1999

I’m seeking shapefiles (or other spatial format) for Ontario election precincts from the 1995 and 1999 provincial elections, as well as poll-by-poll results in any digital format.

I know that the Ontario election districts were the same as FED for the 1999 election, but I’m not sure if that extended to the poll level precincts as well.

A student here wants to map poll-by-poll data for those elections, and we haven’t been able to find digitized data for either boundaries or results from Elections Ontario, the Canada open data portal, Scholars GeoPortal, or UToronto’s data collection for 1995 and 1999. Elections Ontario told the student that “some university libraries might have that data”.

Subject matter has responded with the following:

“StatCan does not have any election geographies below the FED level, nor data for results. You could try the Ontario Archives (, or maybe Elections Canada. Also, the provincial gazette of Ontario may cover elections, but I don’t know about that.”