Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Learning Style data request help

I received a data request and have looked around trying to find something publicly available but haven’t found anything.

The student is looking for:

"So my project is looking to determine the teaching style of a lesson, matched to the Felder-Silverman learning styles dimensions, although I could change learning style measurement systems if it is necessary,, in order to supply students with the lesson in the manner most conducive to their learning.  So I am essentially looking for a data set which contains the students learning style and some measure of how successful in a given learning environment, I was thinking grades in the class would be ideal but if there exists some other measure in a data set that would work."

 A dataset with Learning Style and student grade/success score

Maybe someone on the listserv has seen something similar?

Answer A:
That is going to be really hard to find. The student may have to look to journals. YOur institution however may have an EDC - Education Development Centre, or the institution that provide faculty with teaching and learning, and they may be able to better point the student toward resources and potentially data.

Answer B:
I checked with our Instructional Design Librarian and she is of the opinion that this will be pretty much impossible to find. As [noted previously], she suggested that there might be some articles/studies, but that the data themselves would probably not be available due to confidentiality, vulnerable population, etc.