Monday, January 30, 2017

Implementation of the term “Archived” in CANSIM

In order to comply with Statistics Canada’s Web Archiving Directive and the Treasury Board standard for managing and archiving web content, it was decided to implement the term “Archived” in the CANSIM database.

According to the directive, archived web content is information that is no longer current but is retained on the website for reference or to provide context to current content.

Data tables are archived
  • when there is a concept or methodology change and a break in the time series is introduced; or
  • when there are updates to indexes or classifications; or
  • when the data product is significantly re-configured/re-structured.
Effective January 30, 2017, the term “Terminated” has been replaced with the term “Archived” in the titles for all terminated CANSIM tables. In addition, the archived banner has been added to each terminated table on the website.

The terminated members and series contained within active tables have retained the status “Terminated”.

A replacement of the term “Terminated” has been applied in the table titles in the SDMX and Beyond 20/20 downloadable files. The CSV files have not been affected by this change.

Footnotes which refer to the term “Terminated” will be updated manually over time to reflect the new label.

Statistics Canada is committed to achieve efficient and effective management of its key socioeconomic database while providing convenient access to relevant, reliable and timely statistical information.