Friday, January 20, 2017

Agricultural Data

I have a couple researchers who are looking for information about the following:

a) Producers who’ve reported cultivating at least some acreage of pulses (Lentils, field peas, chickpeas, and all pulses aggregated)
b) Educational attainment of farmers

They’d like this for the period 1976-2016 at either the CAR or CCS level.


Pulses in Canada (96-325-XWE) – An article from the 2011 Census of Agriculture
CANSIM Table 004-0110 - Socioeconomic overview of the farm population, number of operators per farm by occupation and level of educational attainment

“We cannot release micro-files (“producers who’ve reported cultivating at least some acreages of pulses” below). They can use our regular provincial CANSIM tables to enquire about pulses provincial productions over years requested (001-0017 for imperial figures and 001-0010 for metric figures). For any lower geography, they can find the same data (wherever possible to ensure confidentiality matters are respected), broken down at the CAR level in CANSIM 001-0071 (to be updated with 2016 data on upcoming February 13). The Census of Agriculture can also provide areas of pulses down to CCS level.”

The following reply is regarding your question on education attainment:

“The request is unfeasible, as Agriculture-Population linkage data is not available below the Province level. Note: There was no Agriculture-Population linkage done in 1976, as this year we had a short census of agriculture questionnaire.”