Friday, January 13, 2017

Glyphosate sales

I have a researcher interested in obtaining glyphosate application and sales data. I have let her know about the Census of Agriculture but it is not detailed enough.  Is there additional information available?

I've also put in a request to Health Canada's Pesticides & Pest Management division for a copy of their most recent annual report. For some reason, these are not posted to the Web but only available upon request.

Answer 1
This is a good site on glyphosate

CAREX (CARcinogen EXposure) is a multi-institution research project that combines academic expertise and government resources to generate an evidence-based carcinogen surveillance program for Canada.

According to this site there has been no sales information on glyphosate available in Canada since 2013.

Response to Answer 1
Thanks,that is useful. The annual sales report has some information as well but does not break down by province. I've emailed the Health Canada library as well and we'll see what we get. Any further suggestions from the kind folks at Statistics Canada?

Answer 2
We have not yet received a response from subject matter, but in the past they directed clients to Health Canada. My colleague did some extra digging and this is what she found:

There is sales information in the Health Canada Pest Control Products Sales Report.

There is this one site -

“According to the Reporting Regulations for Pest Control Products Sales Information that came into force in November 2006, all pesticides sold and used in Canada must be registered with the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) at Health Canada.”

Even though it isn’t a government of Canada website, it quotes the sources that it took the information from, in the Sources section. This includes various Health Canada reports and the links to them.