Monday, April 11, 2016

PCCF licensing questions


1. If we do a survey and collect postal code and use the conversion file to situate a non-identifiable person into a LHIN or Public Health Unit, and then provide the data to a health researcher, are we breaking the spirit of the agreement?

2. Commercial sale (number 4). Our research institute, as part of our university, is a not-for-profit, but we do get paid our costs for research we do outside of the institution. Are we correct in thinking this is not commercial work in the sense used here?

3. I am not sure I understand (number 8) the meaning off "publish an extract of up to 1% of the Data Product." Can you elaborate?

4. Appendix A number 2. The data is not shared but the results are public. If the data is shared but does not have postal code and other geographic units, such as LHIN, FED, together in the file is this

5. At our research institute, should I have everyone who uses the postal code file sign an agreement or should there be one form?


1. The answer is no, as long as the postal codes are not published.

2. Your research institute can use the data product to develop and derive work/services for its own use. It cannot distribute or share these products or services outside regardless of whether or not costs are recovered.

3. You can publish an extract of up to 1% of the file as long as the published data was used to support your published report or analysis.
 8. The Licensee may publish an extract of up to 1% of the data product pursuant to Appendix ‘A’. This permission includes the use of the extracted data in support of analyses and in reporting of results and conclusions. The Licensee shall obtain approval from Statistics Canada before publishing extract of the data product in excess of 1%.
4. The data product and/or extracts are not shared but the results based on the product or where the product was used to tabulate results are public.
Research purposes
E.g.: Can be used in analysis to write articles that are published in journals. The data is not shared but the results are published. This also includes thesis for Masters or Doctorate where results are required to be public.
5. This is a question for the DLI to answer and not Statistics Canada