Thursday, April 14, 2016

Longitudinal Immigration Database


For the Longitudinal Immigration Database, what can we expect in terms of data dissemination? I see some have been released through the Daily and CANSIM in January of this year.
Any other plans? PUMF or RDC?

Could emigration data at the sub-national scale be gleaned from IMDB custom tables (that is, where in particular countries immigrants to Canada are originating from)?


The IMDB data have been released in December 2015 (Canada level) and January 2016 (provincial level) through the Daily and CANSIM. The IMDB micro-data are not released to users and they are not available in RDCs.

Please note that users can get custom tables by sending requests to the IMDB team.

The IMDB contains variables for Country of birth, Country of citizenshipand Country of last permanent residence. (Three distinct concepts.) Unfortunately, it does not contain any variables that would indicate from which specific region of a country they immigrated from. Sub-national emigration data, prior to landing in Canada, is unavailable.