Friday, September 25, 2015

Updated Products: Postal Codes by Federal Ridings File

Postal Codes by Federal Ridings File

As per Bill C-37, An Act to change the names of certain electoral districts and to amend the Electoral Boundaries readjustment act, 31 Federal Electoral District (FED) name changes have been applied against the recently released PCFRF file.

The Postal Codes by Federal Ridings File (PCFRF) provides a link between the six-character postal code and Canada's federal electoral districts. A federal electoral district (FED) is any place or territorial area entitled to return a Member of Parliament (MP) to serve in the House of Commons and is commonly referred to as a federal riding.

A reference guide has been produced for this product. This guide describes the content of the product, as well as providing information on data quality, record layouts and methodology. There will be only an HTML release of the guide.

EFT: /MAD_DLI_PCCF/Root/2015/data/pcfrfNatFED2013_NOV14_fcpcefNatCEF2013