Friday, September 11, 2015

Statistics Canada Nesstar Data Portal & Subsets


I recently provided the complete CCHS PUMF (SPSS format) to a requestor which I obtained from the StatCan Nesstar Data Portal. While doing that I noticed that there appears to be an option to subset the datafile in the Nesstar interface but when I click that ‘button’ there are no available variables included. Am I correct in assuming that subsetting from Nesstar is not configured?


In Nesstar Web view, when you click the subset button, the variable list (box next to variable) is empty, because you have to choose which variables to subset. If the client were to open the Variable Description tab under the survey name on the left hand column, find the desired variables off the list, it will allow them to select the variable to subset. They can then choose the value for that variable, click add, hit more, and choose another variable, etc.