Friday, September 25, 2015

DLI Nesstar Access


Is it possible to request username/password access to DLI Nesstar for one or more faculty members at our Institution who are frequent PUMF users?

If so what is the process to acquire the username?

Does the DLI have a rough idea when end-user access will be available to DLI subscribing institutions?


At this time, to use the Nesstar system, users require a username and password. We would be happy to provide usernames and passwords for faculty and class groups to Nesstar and can do so immediately. We would just require you to email our with the institution name, client’s full name and email as well as their desired username.

Nesstar Webview ( is a web-based system for disseminating PUMFs in the DLI Collection. Data and metadata can be viewed without the need for specialized software. Using a standard web browser, users are able to access, search, locate, browse, analyse and download data and metadata. For more information, please consult Nesstar WebView user guide: