Thursday, August 27, 2015

Updated Products: HES 2013 V2

Please note the updated products listed below and the path to access them via the EFT site.

Households and the Environment survey 2013

The file provides data for Canada, the provinces and census metropolitan areas and includes information on a wide range of topics, including water quality concerns; consumption and conservation of water; energy use and home heating and cooling; pesticide and fertilizer use on lawns and gardens; recycling, composting and waste disposal practices. It also provides information on the socio-demographic, income and labour force characteristics of the population.
An update to the 2013 Households and the Environment Survey Public Use Microdata File (PUMF) (catalogue number 16M0001XCD) was released on June 9th, 2013. The only change was the removal of the HW_Q10CC due to an inconsistency between the English and French versions of the corresponding response category in the questionnaire. As well, the variable HW_Q10CE was replaced with HWD10CE (“other”), which is based all responses of “yes” to the former HW_Q10CC and HW_Q10CE variables.

EFT: /MAD_DLI/Root/other-products/ Households and the Environment Survey-hes/2013

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