Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Postal CodeOM Conversion File Plus (PCCF+) version 6B(V2)

An error in the pointer file for duplicate postal code records was identified which resulted in some postal codes being processed improperly. To correct this error, a new version of PCCF+ (version 6B V2) has been released. 

The following files have been updated:

- pointer file for duplicate postal codes (pccf.1411.pccf.pointdup.txt), along with the associated duplicate postal codes file (pccf.1411.pccf.dups.txt) 

- SAS code that reads the CSD type variable found in the geographic attributes file ( 
- a small revision to better for residential flag (cpcref.egmres.v1411.txt)
- air stage delivery (cpcref.airstage.v1411.txt)

EFT : /MAD_DLI_PCCF/Root/Health-PCCF-plus-Sante-FCCP-plus