Monday, August 10, 2015

Onion Production

I have a request from a researcher looking for CCS-level stats for Quebec:

I am interested in data for dry onion production in Quebec. I am interested in finding out the following:

1. farm size, type, tenure, ownership, soil type, revenues, irrigation practices/technologies
2. farm operator age, education, years of experience

3. marketed production, yields, farm gate value, production area, production regions, exports and imports, % of provincial and national GDP

She’s extracted what she can from the Census of Agriculture, but she’d like to find stats that are more recent than 2011. If necessary, she’ll consider a custom tab.


I have confirmed with subject matter regarding your questions and they have provided the following information:

The Census of Agriculture would only have as a standard data product the number of farms reporting and the total area reported for onions by CCS and a custom request for data with Leon Laborde could address some of the additional data the researcher is asking for on a cost recovery basis, but there would likely be suppression even at the provincial level.

With respect to imports/exports, this information is available free through the Canadian International Trade Database (CIMT)


Below is the link to our Canadian International Trade Database (CIMT) to retrieve free HS06 trade data:

1) Retrieve your data with one of the following options:

· Option 1: Select trading partner - Select a trading partner and specific variables (e.g., country, province, state, year, month, or frequency). Click on the appropriate button to either "Retrieve" the data or "Save as spreadsheet (CSV)" .

· Option 2: Search by commodity or Harmonized System code" - Click on "Search" and then on "Domestic Exports", "Re-exports" or "Imports" next to the commodity of your choice.

Use the multiple drop-down menus to change variables.

In some instances, hyperlinks are available and enable you to drill down to lower levels of detail. For example, clicking I-Live Animals and Animal Products shows a breakdown of all the commodity chapters found in that section, offering access to more detailed information. Use the buttons "Retrieve" to retrieve a different variable selection from the drop down menus, "Save as spreadsheet (CSV)" to save in tabulation compatible document and/or "Start Over".

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