Friday, October 28, 2011

Updated Products: SVOLM - Revised files


Please note the updated products listed below and the path to access them via the DLI FTP and web sites.

Survey on the Vitality of Official Language Minorities, 2006 - Revised Files
Revised English versions of the codebook, user guide,  and SAS and SPSS syntax cards for SVOLM 2006 are now available.  The corresponding SAS and SPSS data files (.sas7bdat and .sav) have also been corrected - these new versions include corrected information that address the concerns raised between the French and English labels.

FTP:   /dli/DLI-Collection_Other-Products/Survey on the Vitality of Official-Language Minorities – svolm/2006


New versions of the French and English SPSS data files (.sav) containing long variable descriptions and missing values are also available:

Some users may prefer to use these .sav files, which were based on the SPSS cards created by the DLI unit in response to concerns about the variable names raised by Laine Ruus on July 30, 2009. More information pertaining to those files is available at the following links (for DLI members only):

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