Friday, October 28, 2011

Home births in Canada

I can't seem to find any statistics on home births in the StatCan pages - CANSIM,  Health in Canada, etc. Is there anything?



The Cansim Table 102-4516 provides data on “Live births and fetal deaths (stillbirths), by place of birth (hospital and non-hospital), Canada, provinces and territories, annual”.  The term “non-hospital” is defined in the footnotes for the table: the category "Place of birth , non-hospital" includes births in private homes, in health care institutions such as nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, nursing stations and other short-term care facilities and other health care facilities not licensed to operate as hospitals by provincial, territorial or federal governments, such as free-standing birthing centres and at other specified sites.

There is also data on non-hospital births in the Canadian Maternity Experiences Survey (data tables are available on the Public Health Agency of Canada website):

Here is the Daily release for that survey:

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