Friday, October 28, 2011

New files on Statistics Canada Nesstar


We are pleased to inform you that the following files are now available on the Statistics Canada Nesstar Webview site (

Survey of Approaches to Educational Planning (SAEP) – 1999 and 2002

International Youth Survey, 2006

Absence from Work Survey – 1993, 1998 and 1999

Access and Support to Education and Training Survey, 2008

Labour Force Survey, July 2011

Ontario Material Deprivation Survey, 2009

Canadian Survey of Experiences with Primary Health Care, 2007-2008

Anyone can view the metadata for these files on the Statistics Canada Nesstar site.  Only DLI Contacts however will be able to access the data files on the site. If you are a DLI Contact and would like to access and manipulate data files on the Statistics Canada Nesstar site, please send an email to to request a password. Please note that the DLI data files available through Nesstar are subject to the DLI license agreement.

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