Monday, January 14, 2008

Publication of Beyond 20/20 Tables in Textbook


I know part of the answer to this question, but I was hoping for a bit more clarification. A professor here is writing a textbook and wants to generate tables in Beyond 20/20 (I think using homicide/victim/crime data) and wants to know if she can use them in her book. Now, I'm pretty sure that if she is getting the B2020 tables from DLI, the answer is NO and that she would need to seek permission directly. However, what if she is getting them from E-Stat? I suspect the answer is still no because E-Stat is for educational use? AND, what if she generates them on the Stat-Can website and then pays for the time series that way? Any help/clarification you can provide is much appreciated.


Publishing Statistics Canada products in textbooks falls outside the DLI license. The Regional Office should help your professor get the approval she needs.

The DLI Licensing database on the DLI website says, "Faculty are referred to the Marketing Division of Statistics Canada for discussions on textbook licensing."

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