Monday, January 21, 2008

Cultural Diversity in Housing


I have a researcher who is examining cultural diversity in housing. Specifically he is looking dwelling type by place of birth for the CMA level. I am having quite a time finding anything, can someone put me on the right track?


Consider using the Census public use microdata to pursue your patron's request. The individual level file has the following dwelling variables as well as CMA and place of birth.

6 1 10 N HHCLASSP Household classification
7 2 11-12 N HTYPEP Household type
8 1 13 N UNITSP Household size
9 2 14-15 N ROOMP Number of rooms
10 1 16 N CONDWELP Condition of dwelling
11 6 17-22 N VALUEP Value of dwelling
12 1 23 N TENURP Tenure
13 1 24 N RCONDP Tenure -- condominium
14 4 25-28 N OMPP Owner's major payments (monthly)
15 4 29-32 N GROSRTP Monthly gross rent

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