Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Additional Missing Variables in CCHS 3.1


I found a couple of other variables that were not in the CCHS 3.1 pumf even though the documentation listed them as being there. They are NDEEDFTT and LBFEGJST. Do you know if the Health division will be putting out updated documentation? Or at least an Errata?


For NDEEDFTT (and all other NDE... variables), same problem as SCHEDSTG, only selected in one HR (this time Nunavut), and therefore suppressed from the PUMF.

For the LBF... variables (complete "labour force" module), the story is slightly more complicated. This module was offered as optional (but not selected), and it was also asked of the 1st sub-sample of respondents. The LBF... variables are included in the separate PUMF sub-sample 1 data file hss1.txt. The twist here is that our naming convention for sub-sample variables replaces the 4th character of the variable name (which normally refers to the cycle) by a "z". Thus, in this case NDE"e"DFTT, is now NDE"z"DFTT. In the hss1.txt file (and corresponding data dictionary reports, layouts, etc.) LBF"e"... variables are in actuality LBF"z"... variables. Users should consult Appendix A (Guidelines for the use of sub-sample variables) in the User Guide.

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