Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Mobility Data


There are two desired data sets, which ideally would be available for both the Hamilton CMA and the Halifax CMA (although Halifax is the most important):

1. Residential Mobility: Tabulations at the CT level of households moving between CT's, moving within CT's, moving into a CT from outside the CMA, moving from a CT to outside the CMA, new households created from within the CMA moving to one of its CT's. This data should be over a 1 to 5 year time period, and additional time periods would be helpful.

If possible, microdata of the type described above is desired as well.

2. Work Trips: Tabulations disaggregated by mode, of average business-day work trips at the CT level. (How many trips are made between each CT, within each CT and to destinations outside of the CMA).

Again, if possible, microdata of the type described above is desired as well.


You have the option of using the Cumulative Profile CD cat# 95F0296XCB that gives a profile for all levels of geography including CMA/CA/CTs (for census tracted CAs). The profile gives basic mobility status for both Mob1 and Mob5 and it also give Place of work status. I have included a sample file of this profile in Beyond 2020. There are other tables that include industry and work activity by place of work status for CMA/CA/CTs:

As for Commuting Flows tables CMA/CA/CTs:

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