Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Statistics Canada Table Viewer


Does anyone happen to know of any other product on the Statistics Canada website, besides the Consumer Price Index, that uses the CALS Table Viewer as an alternative method of displaying data?


The Tier 1 advisory services tool also uses the CALS table viewer. The remaining dynamic publications also use the CALS table viewer. We are in the process of converting the dynamic publications over to smart publishing but there are still a number of them that use the viewer. There are only about a dozen or so publications still using it and this number will drop dramatically as soon as we release the bulletin publications in Smart Publishing. We have also started to convert CPI.

Due to the technical difficulties of maintaining the viewer our technical team has stopped using it for public consumption with all smart publications. It will continue to be used internally to program tables with Laurence or with any dynamic publications until they are converted.

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