Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Household TV Ownership


I have a researcher looking for data on television ownership in Canadian households going back to 1950 if possible. Percentages would be fine. I have tried several sources, but I only seem to find "hours viewed" and Broadcaster ownership data. Any ideas?


1. The recent data is found at this web page:

CANSIM for series 1997 - 2003- Table 203-0020 - Survey of household spending (SHS), household equipment at December 31, by province, territory and selected metropolitan areas, annual (2542 series)

The last HFE publication (Household facilities and equipment, Catalogue no. 64-202-XPB) was for the reference year 1997.

2. This is available in the Household Facilities and Equipment surveys as well - part of the SCF. Goes back there to 1972, generally at 2 year intervals.

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