Monday, May 16, 2005

Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey 2003 Annual vs. Cycle2


We have a researcher who has been digging into the CTUMS 2003 Person files. Now as I understand it, and from what I've read - the annual file is simply a complete file with Cycle1 and Cycle2 data put together. So in theory all the variables that were contained in the Cycle2 Person file should also be available in the Annual Person file. However... with the 2003 file we have found this anomaly:

We have 9 variables that are available in the Cycle 2 file (Q096B, Q097B, Q098A, Q098C, DVLOWTAR, Q200, Q201, Q202, Q203) but are no where to be found in the Annual file. Should these variables be included in the annual file?


It turns out that if the question was asked in both cycle 1 and cycle 2, the annual data will have the results. However, if the question was posed only in Cycle 1 or only in Cycle 2, it is not included in the annual results.

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