Thursday, May 12, 2005

Agricultural Census Data / Practicum Student Licensing Question


A graduate student in community psychology is looking for Stats Canada Agricultural Census data. There is data for the 2001, 1996, 1991, 1986, and 1981 Canadian Agricultural Profile. Is there any older data 1960 onward? Can you direct me to a source for such data?

The need for such data has to do with a project that the student is completing for a Practicum Course. The data will be used to write a report on the historical trends in agriculture and to possibly make data projections into the year of 2041.


The DLI has Census of Agriculture data back to 1986, and anything prior should be accessed through the DSP publications.

In terms of the licensing issue, there are three rules that need to be considered before the decision can be rendered:

1) Is the user enrolled and in good standing in a DLI institution?
Assessment: The student is currently enrolled at a DLI institution and is in good standing.

2) Is the proposed use of the data for the exclusive purposes of teaching, academic research and publishing, and/or planning of educational services within my educational institution?
Assessment: The part she is completing for PS600 to be remitted to the professor is covered under the license. The work she is performing for the Region of Waterloo Public Health Unit is not covered. The findings of the research can be shared, but not the actual data.

3) Is the researcher receiving money in exchange for the work?
It does not appear to be a paid position as it is for a practicum course.

As I mentioned, those are the three basic questions we ask before the use is authorised under the DLI licence. The researcher is welcomed to share the findings of her research with the Region of Waterloo Public Health Unit, but no data should accompany her report.

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