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Survey of Household Spending

April 28, 2021


I have a researcher who would like consumer spending data for the CT level. I have suggested the Survey of Household Spending (SHS), but neither the tables on the StatCan website site nor the PUMFs have a geography level below province. Would this data be available at the CT or CMA levels. Would this be a custom tabulation? Is it available in the RDCs at the CT or CMA levels?


I believe the SHS would be the best survey because it covers most household spending patterns. Is there another survey that would have this type of data? He is looking for as current as possible.


I would also like to confirm that the SHS replaced the Survey of Family Expenditures (FAMEX).


Our SHS analyst has indicated that certain CMAs are available through cost recovery or through the RDCs; however, CT geo wouldn’t be an option within SHS dataset. The complete list of CMAs available by custom request (cost recovery) would be: St. John's, Charlottetown-Summerside, Halifax, Saint John, Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria. The SHS is the best survey at StatCan covering most household spending patterns, and the SHS is the successor to FAMEX.


While 2019 SHS data is available for custom requests; within the RDCs the most current dataset is 2017. As the 2019 SHS PUMF is still under development, the 2017 data is also the most current PUMF dataset available within the DLI.

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