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New Dataverse and Research Data Repositories Training Modules

June 21, 2021

Portage has published several new online modules to help researchers and other stakeholders navigate the world of research data repositories.

Dataverse 101: Module 1 is the first of a planned series of modules on the Dataverse repository platform. This module helps users learn about the purpose, importance, and benefits of sharing research data, and gives an overview of the Dataverse platform and its key features. It also discusses the benefits of using Dataverse repositories, and presents scenarios in which users might deposit their data in a Dataverse repository. Finally, the module outlines some situations in which a Dataverse repository might not be a suitable option, and gives an opportunity for users to test their knowledge.

The Research Data Repositories 101 series of modules will help users learn about the role that research data repositories play in good research data management (RDM), and in meeting the requirements of the Tri-Agency RDM Policy. These modules will help researchers learn about different types of research data repositories, policies and practices that affect these repositories, and what they should consider when choosing a repository in which to deposit their data. There are seven modules in this series:

These resources were developed through the hard work of Portage’s Dataverse North Working Group on Training, and the Data Repositories 101 Working Group of Portage’s National Training Expert Group. The modules are graciously hosted by Scholars Portal. If you have any questions, please contact Portage Training Coordinator Jennifer Abel at

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