Wednesday, March 4, 2020

WDS Decommission

The Web Data Server (WDS) will be decommissioned by the end of the fiscal year. All of the data available on the WDS is in three folders on the EFT under:
  • MAD_DLI_IDD_DAM/Root/Census_agri_recens
  • MAD_DLI_IDD_DAM/Root/Census_pop_recens
  • Mad_DLI_IDD_DAM/Root/Other_autres.
In decommissioning this server, no data will be lost, only the access to the server.

In many cases, more up-to-date aggregate data can be found on the Statistics Canada website; this is especially true for CANSIM tables which you can search for by using the old CANSIM table number on the site. There is a help video available for using the tables

The Beyond 20/20 viewer software is also available for download on the StatCan website ( as well as on the EFT site under MAD_DLI_IDD_DAM/Root/utilities_utilitaires. Many Census tables on the website are downloadable as IVT files for Beyond 20/20.

If you have difficulty finding the data either on the EFT or the website, we will be happy to assist.