Thursday, March 12, 2020

Help with Information about Results of Mental Health Treatment

I have a question from a student who would like to get stats on the number of patients who have seen a psychologist or other mental health professional or have receive treatment for a mental health condition who have then completed the treatment and are then better.  I don't know that one can say cured as some mental health situations are chronic. 

She is concerned about the effectiveness of the mental health system and whether treatment really works.

Are there any stats around this that you know of?  If so, where would I find them.  

I would appreciate any thoughts you may have on this.

Thanks you in advance.

Mental Health Commission of Canada published this report in 2015 called Informing the Future: Mental Health Indicators for Canada

You might find some useful data in it.
Can't speak to any admin-type statistics or clinical data, but the 2014 (2012?) CCHS (Mental Health special topic) and even every annual CCHS has questions for self-reported mental health issues, interactions w/ health professionals/government agencies/various therapies tried/outcomes and perceptions, etc.