Monday, February 17, 2020

Non-Profit Data

I have the following question from a faculty member.  I'm not sure where to find these.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. NFP= not for profit organizations. I presume that this doesn't include educational organizations, municipalities, etc.

% of workforce employed in NFPs, government % of NFP funding, % of GDP contributed by NFPs, % of Canadians donating to NFPs.

Thanks in advance.  I think I see some info on Stats can, but I'm not sure.



We received the following information from our subject matter areas:

We were able to find the following table on the Statistics Canada website that shows employment for Canada by non-profit institutions.  

There is also a glossary of terms that provides more information about not for profit institutions as well as a publication.

The client can find most of the data he needs from the Satellite Account of Non-Profit Institutions and Volunteering (up to 2017).

  1. 1)      % of workforce employed in NFPs
    • You can find the number of people employed in non-profits from tables;
      • By sub-sector: 36-10-0617-01
      • By type of activity: 36-10-0615-01
      • These numbers should be compared to employment estimates from the National Accounts Labour Productivity program (available by province and for Canada): 36-10-0480-01
  2. Government % of NFP funding
    • You can find current transfers from government to non-profits in the income account: 36-10-0613-01
  3. % of GDP contributed by NFPs
    • You can find the GDP of the non-profit sector from tables;
      • By sub-sector: 36-10-0616-01
      • By type of activity: 36-10-0614-01
      •  This should be compared to basic prices GDP from the National Accounts.  This data is available by province and for Canada: 36-10-0221-01
      • Note: In order to get the GDP data from Market Prices to Basic Prices you will need to subtract “Taxes less subsidies on products and imports” from “GDP at market prices” in the table.
  4. % of Canadians donating to NFPs
    • Unfortunately, we don’t have data on the % of Canadian donating to Non-profits.  All we have is the amount of money actually being donated.  You can find this in the income account under “Current Transfers from Households: Donations”.  It is in table 36-10-0613-01