Wednesday, February 19, 2020

LFS Variable Crosswalk

I have a researcher working with the Labour Force Survey across a long period (pretty well the entirety of it), who was asking about changes in 2016 to the education and NAICS variables. Specifically:

I was wondering if there is a crosswalk between educ90 (education variable for 1976-2016) and educ (education variable for 2017-2019). I am also wondering if there is a crosswalk between NAICS_18 (industry variable for 1976-2016) and NAICS_21 (industry variable for 2017-2019). Any help on this would be very appreciated, thank you!

There is a Concordances between classifications page on the StatCan website - It includes concordances for Industry (NAICS) and instructional programs (Classification of Instructional Programs Canada vs Major Field of Study; at the bottom of the page).