Tuesday, August 13, 2019

PCCF+ - Neighbourhood Income Variables

In PCCF+ 7B, ten neighbourhood income quintile and deciles variables are available - BTIPPE, ATIPPE, QABTIPPE, QNBTIPPE, DABTIPPE, DNBTIPPE, QAATIPPE, QNATIPPE, DAATIPPE, and DNATIPPE ( see PCCF+ 7B Reference Guide, page 17). Prior to PCCF+ 7B, four neighbourhood income (within CMA/CA and national) quintile and decile variables are available – QAIPPE, QNIPPE, DAIPPE, and QDNIPPE (see for example PCCF+ 6D Reference Guide, page 15).

My question is which of the ten PCCF+7B correspond to the earlier definition of the neighbourhood income quintile and decile?

We’ve received the following response from subject matter:

In previous versions, the quintiles were based only on After-Tax (AT) income.


QAIPPE = QAATIPPE quintiles, area-based
QNIPPE = QNATIPPE quintiles, national
DAIPPE = DAATIPPE : deciles, area-based
DNIPPE = DNATIPPE : deciles, national