Monday, August 19, 2019

PCCF+ Header File

I would like so information on how to massage a pccf+ output (2006 census geo, version 5k). The preview in SAS is clear, but I generate a .csv which contains more variables (without any header) than the one that is being displayed in SAS (first 500 records). Could someone help me with this?

I was given the following response:

“The CSV is output automatically when you run PCCF+. The output variables are indeed provided with variable names (at the top of the column), and the variables are all listed and explained in the documentation.

If the user wishes, they can import the CSV back into SAS and eliminate some of the columns, or rename their variables. This can also be done easily in Excel.

Alternatively, if they prefer the version that pops up automatically in SAS (which in this case seems to lack problems), they can hard-save that output as a SAS file using a DATA step, or output it as another CSV.

Without having more details, it’s hard to provide more feedback than that.

Please let the user know that there is a newer version of the PCCF+ available.”