Friday, July 12, 2019

PCCF+ Question about Residential Postal Code File

I’m looking at the November 2018 (V 7b) files and the file labeled ‘Residential postal code file’ does not appear to contain residential postal codes. Is this a mistake?

I don’t use PCCF+ very often and would like to know where I can find the list of national residential postal codes.  There is a file called “Unique postal codes from PCCF” which appears to be what I’m looking for but I can’t find documentation to support this. Also—why is it called ‘unique postal codes’

I apologize but I don’t seem to see the “Residential postal code file”?

I’ve double checked with the PCCF team and they’ve said the following:

“As per our agreement with Canada Post, we are not able to share a list of all residential postal codes in Canada – the data are proprietary. The purpose of the PCCF+ is to match USER lists of postal codes with our census geography. The client needs to have their own list of postal codes in order to use PCCF+.

The file indicating “unique postal codes” is a list of unique matches to the PCCF – so it is not a full list of residential postal codes either.

I apologize, but we do not provide a master list. The client may wish to approach Canada Post for access to these data.”