Thursday, July 18, 2019

ADAs and DAs correspondence files pre-census 2016

A researcher at Dalhousie has expressed interest in using the ADA as her unit of analysis. Since ADA is a new dissemination geography created for census 2016 and her research included pre-census 2016 time period, she would like to know if it is possible for Stat Can to provide

  • DAs and ADAs correspondence for each census year pre-census 2016.  Using GeoSuite 2016 it is possible to generate DAuid corresponding to ADAcode.  This is not possible pre-census 2016.
  • correspondence file that describe the ADAs between two censuses.  For examples
    • census 2016 ADAs  corresponding to census 2011 ADAs
    • census 2011 ADAs corresponding to census 2006 ADAs
    • and so on


I’ve received the following response from subject matter:

“As noted, there are no ADAs prior to 2016. Correspondences could be created between different census years, since a link is maintained on the geoframe between current census and previous census, at the lowest levels of geography. So, what could be created would be: 

2011 DA — 2016 ADA
2006 DA — 2016 ADA
2001 DA — 2016 ADA

Because there is no such thing as an ADA prior to 2016, the concept of 2011 ADA — 2016 ADA does not really exist. All that could be provided is groupings of previous DAs that are close to equivalent to the current ADAs.”

This would all need to be done through a custom tabulation however. 

We do also produce correspondence files between the DAs for each census and its previous census. Those files are available on the Geography website, or I could see about the potential of having them added to the EFT (if they are not already there).