Thursday, August 24, 2017

Survey of Emergency Preparedness and Resilience in Canada (SEPR)

One of our researchers is looking for the 2014 Survey of Emergency Preparedness and Resilience (SEPR) data. All I was able to find is the report. Is the data available? How can we obtain it?

The SEPR was developed in partnership with Defence Research and Development Canada's Centre for Security Science and Public Safety Canada. Unfortunately, a public use microdata file (PUMF) was not created, nor were tables produced for CANSIM. The following article as noted was made available:

The Juristat article "Emergency preparedness in Canada, 2014" (Catalogue number85-002-X), is now available.

[To access the above], from the Browse by key resource module of our website under Publications, choose All subjects, then Crime and justice and then Juristat.

And there are a few tables available through the data release announcement in the Daily:

Custom tabulations, which are cost recovery, may be available. And the masterfile is available through the Research Data Centre program, see