Friday, August 4, 2017

National and Provincial Multipliers 2013

I have a researcher inquiring when the National and Provincial Multipliers for 2013 will be available. It looks like they were released on June 9th, 2017.

They were indeed released on June 9th 2017. I just received a large inventory of tables from subject matter this week. You can find the National and Provincial Multipliers for 2013 on the FTP site: /MAD_DLI_IDD_DAM/Root/other_autres/1401_IO_ES/2013/. They were uploaded this morning.

Followup, August 8, 2017
As a follow up to last week’s communication, I’m happy to report all Statistics Canada’s Input-output tables are now available for the DLI community. They are currently available on the DLI FTP site. (Path: /MAD_DLI_IDD_DAM/root/other_autres/1401_IO_ES/) All holdings are organized by product number. Yearly releases are grouped within said product folders.