Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Rural/urban breakdown of household disposable income for NB

Can you tell me if I'm overlooking something obvious? I have a grad student who is looking for a rural/urban breakdown of household disposable income for NB. Furthermore, he wants it for every year between 1991 and 2013. Estimates of disposable income by province for the years in question are available (384-0040 and 384-5000), as are a number of neighbourhood tables based on the T1 family file; however, none of these really works for my researcher.

I'm kind of assuming that *if* such a breakdown were available it would be a custom request. Am I overlooking something or letting my assumptions get in the way of effective searching?

This would have to be a cost recovery custom table.

Since I don't have household on T1FF, the best that could be done with T1FF is Census family disposable income. Disposable income would have to be defined by the client or we could see if there is a standard definition that has been used by other groups within ISD. This would definitively be a custom request. Also for the Urban\Rural we can probably do something but it would be a bit of an approximation.

CIS or Census can do this on Household income as a custom and they may already have defined disposable income. The latest data would be a custom from CIS but I am not sure they could do an urban/rural split at the province level. With Census, you should be able to do it (but then you do not have all the years).

National Accounts can provide disposable income only at the provincial level.