Thursday, June 15, 2017

Release schedule for Aggregate Dissemination Area data

I was trying to work out with some grad students what would be the best level of geography for them to use for the 2016 census. We think that the aggregated dissemination area level will be most useful for what they need. I went to the geography page for the 2016 census, and could download the boundary files for that layer. However, when I went to download age and sex data from, the ADA level was not available for download.

When is it expected that those data will be available, and, more generally, will there be a "normal" lag time on releasing these data (e.g., ADA comes out at the next release)? The students want to work with income data: if the ADA level income file is not released on August 2 with the official release, when should they expect it?


The geography, ADA, is available in profile format here from the 2016 Census:

As the Census releases occur, the profile will be updated with the additional data and variables. Income data from the short form (100% data) will be available on September 13, 2017.