Tuesday, May 30, 2017

LIM 40 and LIM 50 data for 2016

A researcher at McMaster needs access to LIM 40 and LIM 50 fixed cutoffs for 2016. The latest data tables I can find on CANSIM are for 2015. Is LIM data for 2016 available yet?

LIM50 is available and published in the CANSIM table 206-0091. LIM40 is only available as a custom request. The latest data available has just been released for the 2015 reference year.

Followup Question
I am aware of this CANSIM table but the researcher is interested in 2016 reference year data. Can you please find out when that data will be released? LIM40 information is useful and I will share it with the researcher.

Followup Answer
Unfortunately reference year 2016 will not be released until around this time next year. 2015 was just released on May 26th, 2017.