Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Historical census data for Burnaby

I must be missing something obvious. I'm looking for aggregated census data from 1901 and 1911 for Burnaby. For those Censuses, Burnaby was included in New Westminster.

Using Scholars GeoPortal, I can identify the subdivision/enumeration areas in which Burnaby falls (several!) but am stymied on obtaining population numbers/characteristics. The closest I have come is this: which lists Burnaby as part of Richmond.

The Census boundaries were produced as part of a larger census digitization project called the Canadian Census Research Infrastructure (CCRI). Part of this project included microdata creation and digitization of aggregate census tables that can be used with the boundaries for mapping. The most comprehensive online database I’ve come across is hosted at the University of Alberta:

CCRI produced digital data for 1911-1951:

For 1901, I know there is a 1901 Microdata file which was produced by UVic researchers, it is available online from UBC Abacus and <odesi>

You can also find PDF scans of data tables for the districts in the Internet Archive
Fourth Census of Canada, 1901, vol. I (Internet Archive)
Fourth Census of Canada, 1901, vol. II (Internet Archive)
Fourth Census of Canada, 1901, vol. III (Internet Archive)
Fourth Census of Canada, 1901, vol. IV (Internet Archive)
(IA listing curtsey of MDL, University of Toronto)