Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Education in Census 2006 by Census Tract


I have a researcher interested in looking at the ‘No certificate, diploma or degree’ variable in Education for both sexes ages 20-24 (custom range) for specific Census Tracts from the 2006 Census.


The client should be able to download the following 2006 Census table. They will need to download the entire table in IVT format so will have to install the Beyond 20/20 table browser (see instructions within the download tab).

They can then find the CTs within the table.

Topic-based tabulation: Highest Certificate, Diploma or Degree (14), Age Groups (10A) and Sex (3) for the Population 15 Years and Over of Census Metropolitan Areas, Tracted Census Agglomerations and Census Tracts, 2006 Census - 20% Sample Data,97154&S=0&SHOWALL=0&SUB=0&Temporal=2006&THEME=75&VID=0&VNAMEE=&VNAMEF=