Thursday, May 21, 2015

Government Finance Statistics


I have a researcher looking for the same information available in CANSIM 385-0001, but for more recent years than 2009. There is a note in the table saying:

“Note: 2007/2008 revised estimates and 2008/2009 estimates are the final reference years for which government revenues and expenditures statistics are available on a Financial Management System (FMS) basis. Statistics Canada will be adopting the International Monetary Fund accounting standard for government, called Government Finance Statistics, in 2014 starting with the reference year 2008/2009.”

So more recent data is available in 385-0032, however, not at the same level of specificity, such as breaking down spending into health, social services, education, etc.

Is this information available elsewhere for 2010 onward?


There are several dimensions in table 385-0001, some are not addressed in the new CANSIM tables (at this point) and others are addressed in more than one table.

In other words, my answer would change depending on what dimensions the client is looking for exactly.

The new government data is covered in tables 385-0034 up to table 385-0040 – if what is looking for is released at this point, it would be there.