Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Union Coverage and Income Wages


A PhD student here is looking for income data that shows either the total share of income or annual average income for unionized workers and non-unionized workers, for the period 1960-2010. I can find CANSIM tables that cover 1997 to the present, but I'd have to go to the LFS directly to get wages and union coverage data back to 1976. Why aren't these LFS data on union coverage and wages back to 1976 in CANSIM, given that the variables are there?
Are there any sources that will get this student what he needs? Historical Statistics of Canada doesn't have tables on wages and union status, so I'm not sure the data exists.


The Labour Force Survey (LFS) only began to collect wage and union data January 1997 with the new LFS questionnaire. Prior to this date, wage and union questions were not on the LFS questionnaire.